Outbound Tax

Outbound Tax issues may arise when an American (US Person) earns money outside of the US.  It may arise by investing outside of the US, taking an existing US business outside of the US, buying real estate overseas and several other factors.  At Arora Law P.C., we will examine your existing structure and your transactions taking place overseas to ensure compliance.  It is highly recommended that you discuss your situation prior to taking any steps, before they become costly, so we can prepare an effective tax plan.  We can help you mitigate any tax issues.  Our services include but are not limited to issues related to:

  • Controlled Foreign Corporation
  • Foreign Tax Credit, Direct and Indirect Tax credit and related limitation.
  • Subpart F Income
  • Direct and Indirect Tax Credit
  • Foreign base company sales income
  • Foreign base company service income
  • Transfer of properties wither from US to foreign or within foreign corporations.
  • Gain Recognition Agreement (GRC)
  • Inversion
  • Foreign Currency issues
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