State & Local Tax

State tax audit and sales/use tax audit is without a doubt one of the challenged and confusing area.  All the applicable states have different rules and regulations.  They all have their own requirements of returns.  Although businesses are obligated to pay sales tax but required to collect it.  In other words, if an applicable business failed to collect it, they will be held responsible to pay for the tax plus any interest and penalties.  Here at Arora Law PC., Mr. Arora comes with substantial hands on experience.  Not to mention he was his self-Sales & Use tax Auditor for WA State.  He also possesses hands on experience dealing with all applicable multi state. Sales & Use tax can be very confusing as it applies different rules on retail, manufacturing and service etc. We can help you setup all your Sales & Use tax needs so you can focus on what is more important. Our services include but are not limited to issues related to:

  • Sales & Use Tax Audit
  • Nexus analysis
  • Resale Certificate
  • Multi State Exemption Certificate
  • Preparing return
  • License and registration
  • State Income apportionment
  • Voluntary Disclosure Agreement (VDA)